Top 10 Richest Jamaican Athletes And Their Net-Worth 2021


1. Patrick Ewing – NBA – US$85 MILLION

Born in 1962 this retired hall of fame (us, Springfield, Massachusetts) basketball player is one of the greatest legends in basketball no wonder many refer to him as the “Warrior”. He went to the books of history as one of the finest shooting centers to play and retired as one of the best and a leader to New York Knicks’ in almost every category.

He was also a player at Seattle Supersonics and Orlando Magic although most of his career is with New York Knicks. Among the accolades he has is the 16th greatest college player of all time and 50th great player in the NBA history.


Today he is the associate coach of Charlotte Hornets.

The above list is a true reflection of what success can do for you and what a hobby can make you be.

If you have the gift of sports in you exploit it and nature it since you never know what it can turn you to be someday.