Richest Jamaican Politicians

Top 10 Richest Jamaican Politicians And Their Net-worth 2020


‘Politics is a game’ That is what most people say when they enter politics. However, none of them was able to say ‘Politics is a business’.

Politics is a very business and here are the top 10 people who are really high up on their game.

The below list is the top 10 richest Jamaican Politicians and their net-worth 2020.

1. Phillip Paulwell

The Honourable Phillip Paulwell (born 14 January 1962) is a Jamaican politician.

Paulwell is the current Member of Parliament for the constituency of Kingston East and Port Royal and former Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining STEM in the People’s National Party administration, which has formed the Government of Jamaica following the party’s electoral victory in the December 2011 General Elections.


His estimated net-worth is $56 Million.

2. Anthony Hylton

George Anthony Hylton (born 27 April 1957) is a Jamaican politician who served as Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2006 to 2007.

Hylton has been Member of Parliament with the People’s National Party from Western Saint Thomas Parish, Jamaica since 1993. He has held other portfolios including Minister of Foreign Trade as well as Mining and Energy.

In 2014, he faced charges of breaching the Parliamentary Integrity of Members Act. As of 2016, he is the opposition spokesperson on industry, investment and commerce.

His estimated net-worth is $52 million

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