Top 10 Simple Ways To Lose Weight Naturally


Are you that person who always type “How to lose weight” on google every now and then? Have you seen any improvements yet?

A lot of people will recommend all kinds of foods and supplements that are believed to make you lose weight but as now, you might probably not be seeing any result at all.

Sometimes, it is just because you don’t understand the reason for the weight gained and you don’t know how to adjust your daily normal lifestyle to manage your weight. It is quiet obvious I see a lot of people starving themselves just because they want to lose weight and at the end of the long run, most of them end up with no result.

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Here are 10 scientifically proven habits that will help you lose weight faster


10. Eat from a smaller plate

Eating from smaller plates helps you to eat just small portion of the food. The bigger the plate, the more food you will stuff into it to fill it. Eating from small plates will automatically make your stomach get used to eating small.

9. Take time and eat

Rushing your food has many negative effects on your body. It doesn’t only make you eat more than you are supposed to, it also makes you swallow more air which means more flatulence after eating.

According to research, it takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain it’s full so if you are eating faster then it means you will not feel satisfied after consuming a full plate.