Top 10 Things Everybody Hate About Jamaicans


Jamaica is one of the most interesting places in the world.

Aside the fact that everybody loves their way of life especially their music, there are other things that most people don’t like about Jamaicans but they are always quiet about it because they can’t tell it to your face.

Here are top 10 things everybody hate about Jamaicans but can’t tell it to your face


10. Homophobia

This has been one of the things that Jamaicans are born with and nobody can take that away from them at all. Their hate for the LGBT community makes them the most homophobic country on planet earth.

Even most of the Jamaican artists who are internationally recognized including Legendary Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Vybz Kartel and so many of them get a stop in some countries just because of the contents of their lyrics.

In fact there is nowhere in Jamaica you will go and not hear “Batty boy”. With Jamaicans “Batty man afi dead”. Most foreigners hate them for that tho.


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