Top 10 Things You Can See or Do Only In New Zealand


New Zealand is a place for memorable experiences. The country’s remarkable beauty, adventurous thrills and one-of-a-kind attractions are guaranteed to awaken your sense of wanderlust.

Yes people get us confused all the time when travelling overseas, but New Zealand is different to Australia. For one thing they prefer Marmite! On the North Island, the ties are much closer to Polynesia, while in the South Island you may think you’re in Scotland (some locals roll their r’s; and Kiwis say ‘wee’ a lot), while the scenery at times resembles Ireland (thanks to lashings of rain) or Canada in the Alpine regions.

Here are just some of the bucket-list worthy must-dos that prove it.


Discover plants that don’t exist anywhere else

Just as New Zealand is filled with interesting critters, it is also known for its vast collection of native plants.

In the warmer months, for instance, the country’s Christmas conifer — known as the Pohutukawa — will be colouring the landscapes in a vibrant red, in a fitting start to the summer season.


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