Top 10 Ugliest Jamaican Dancehall Artists


As the saying goes, “A man must be ugly and fearful” so is most of the artists in the Jamaican Dancehall music industry.

We are not here to insult anyone. Just remember every artist’s appearance is part of the fame.

Here are top 10 ugliest Jamaican Dancehall artists.

1. Ninja Man


Ninja Man is one of the realest Jamaican  artists in the history of dancehall music. He is indeed a legend. He is the only one who responds to the name; “Ugly man”.


He is one of the ugliest DJs in the Jamaica Music industry.


2. Gully Bop


Gully Bop is one of the ugliest artists on the list as well. He is known popularly for his two weeks rise from rags to fame.

People use to think he was a made before his rise to fame.