Top 11 Universities In Zambia 2017


Top 11 Universities in Zambia.

Pursuing a higher education is relevant but much important is the source and the quality of the information you receive, which shapes your knowledge.

The world university rankings rate most of the major higher institutions across the globe.

Zambian universities just like every other thing that can be ranked are subject to change; a few of the Zambian universities have proven to be better than others.

The primary aim is to help students make informed comparisons of leading universities in Zambia. Based on six performance indicators:

1.Academic reputation

2.Employer reputation


4.Citations per faculty


5.International faculty ratio

6.International student ratio

The rankings are designed to assess universities in four areas: research, teaching, employ-ability and internationalization.

Below is the count down of the list of the top 11 universities in Zambia 2017.

11. Copperstone University College

Copperstone University is located in Kitwe, Zambia. It was founded in 2004.

The university was established in 2004, through company incorporation. In July 2011, it attained its charter.


10. Lusaka Apex Medical University

Lusaka Apex Medical University is a leading private Medical University In Zambia. The University will contribute to the global supply of highly qualified health professionals with emphasis on Zambia and Southern Africa.

Apex Medical University is a Centre of Excellence in Medical, Nursing and Health Sciences Education, Research and Specialised Clinical Care.