Top 14 Richest People In Jamaica


Jamaica has a huge number of extremely talented and versatile artists and business tycoons. Though the Jamaicans do not enjoy the same level of global name, fame, and popularity as their varied talents, but that doesn’t make them low.

In fact, there are many Jamaicans who have earned a huge name both regionally and globally due to their marvelous success in career and are really world-class. They are versatile and do promotes their culture through performing and serving their nation. In a huge number of talented Jamaicans, the name of the top 14 richest people in 2021 are as follows:

14. Beenie Man

Anthony Moses Davis or Beenie Man was born on 22 August 1973 in Kingston, Jamaica is a Jamaican deejay, songwriter, rapper, producer and dancehall artist who has also being awarded Grammy awards. From a very young age, Bennie was engaged in the music industry. At the age of only five, he started rapping and toasting. His total net worth is estimated at 3.7 million dollars and is regarded as the “King of Dancehall”.


13. Buju Banton

Born on 15 July 1973 in Kingston, Jamaica, Mark Anthony Myrie aka Buju Banton is a Jamaican deejay, dancehall artist and reggae musician who was active from 1987 to 2011. With recording pop and dance songs, Buju Banton has also recorded many songs that are related to socio-political topics.

He has released many dancehall singles in the year 1988 but it was in 1992 when he released his two well-known albums namely the ‘Stamina Daddy’ and ‘Mr. Mention’ and came to prominence. He then signed with Mercury Records and released his next album ‘Voice of Jamaica’. He is also a Grammy award-winning artist with a net worth of 4 million dollars.


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