Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs In Singapore That Can Make You A Millionaire Overnight


To find a job, you must first know how much each job is going to pay before you go seeking employment. I have compiled a list of 15 Highest paying jobs in Singapore for you.

1. Surgical Practitioner

Surgical practitioners do have the highest paying jobs in Singapore. Their salary is more based on ranking of specialty. The salary ranges from $14,000 – $28,000

2. Medical Specialist

This is also another well paying job which is after the Surgical practitioner. Salary is between $15,000 – $24,000

3. Commodity/Derivatives Brokers

Masters degree certifications are not necessary but it will be a very huge advantage for the employee. Salary is between. $18,000 – $18,500

4. Forex Dealers

No special certificate is required but accounting and mathematics are great advantages to the employee. Salary is between $14,000 – $15,000

5. Software Developers

You must know the inside and outside of computer software and programming. Salary is between $9,000 – $12,000

6. Physicians

You will need a relevant postgraduate degree or diploma to get this job. Salary ranges between $8,500 – $12,000


7. Marine engineers

Marine engineering and mechanical engineering are very necessary in this field of work. Salary is between $9,000 – 11,500


8. Lawyers

This requires that you posses a law degree From the National University of Singapore or any other approved university. salary is between $9,500 – $10,500

9. IT Security consultant

Ethical-hackers are the best for this job. You must know firewall and how bio-data collection. Salary is between $7,000 – $10,000

10. Finance Manager

This has a lot to do with accounting since its finance. Salary is between $6,000 – $10,000

11. Business Analyst

Most employees are required to have bachelors degree in business administration to get this job. Salary is between $4,000 – $11,000 depending on the type of business.

12. Digital Marketing Manager

No special certification is required in this field of work. All you need is a portfolio of what you can do. Salary is between $6,000 – $10,000

13. IT Service Manager

A degree in IT or related course is an advantage bu doesn’t guarantee employment since most IT based jobs are based on portfolio. Salary is between $8,500 – $9,000

14. Cloud Support Engineers

Most hosting companies hire cloud support engineers. Companies that process a lot of data such as banks also hire cloud support engineers. You must be a software developer who understands most of the software developing languages. salary is between $7,500 – $9,500

15. Network and Communications Manager

Holding a degree in computing, networking and telecommunication is necessary for this type of job. $8,500 – $9,000


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