Top 20 Richest Musicians In The World 2018


11. Jimmy Buffett

Net worth: $430 million.

James William Buffett known commonly as “Jimmy Buffett” was born on the Christmas day of 1946. Jimmy Buffett’s net worth is valued at $430 million. He is an American singer, song-writer, author and a successful businessman. He draws his wealth mainly from music production, singing, song writing and from his personal businesses.

Jimmy started his music career back in grade school. He went to St Ignatious school where he played trombone for the school music band. After graduating from high school in 1964, Buffett joined Auburn University where while still a freshman, he started paying the guitar.


His serious musical career began in Nashville, Tennessee in 1968 a country music artist where he was able to record his first album called “down to earth”. A few years later, country music singer Jeff W. Jerry flew with him to KeyWest where Buffett began to establish himself as the easy-going beach-bum guy.

At Key West, Buffett combined both folk and country music with coastal lyrical themes that produced a sound commonly known s the “gulf and western” sound.