Top 40 Zambians On Most Influential List For 2018


This is the list of 40 Individuals in Zambia who are featured on the list Top 40 Zambians most influential list for 2018.

These people here, are the stars that are raising the name of their beloved country high across all borders of the country.

1. Herryman Moono

HHerryman Moono holds an MSc Economics from University of Sheffield, an MSc Global Health from University of Oxford where he read as a Rhodes Scholar and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Zambia.

2. Malcom Jhala

He is a Tax and Audit Consultant. Malcolm’s objective is to be the best professional tax consultant, socially conscious and contribute to the growth of the tax profession in Zambia and the world

3. Mawano Kambeu


He is an Entrepreneur and his biggest dream is to build business across the world.

4. Isaiah Brian Sovi

Born in the early 90s, named as Brian Kayombo Sovi describes himself as a goal getter, courageous, confident, bold, determined to preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus and focused on creating young millionaires.

5.  Naomi Tetamashimba Khumalo

an Entrepreneur and a Politician