Top 5 Most Beautiful Beach Houses In New Zealand – 2018


My mum use to tell me; “The earlier, the better. Start preparing now even if the event is years away.” I apply this in everything I do and it always result in success.

While summer is just some few months away, I think it will be a very great idea to start drawing your summer plans from now. During that time, you might want to leave your locality and move to a more unfamiliar area just for the summer fun.

Here are the top 5 most beautiful summer houses you should lookout for when you go out for summer. While you might not be interested in living in these houses, they are very beautiful and they have “I want to take a beautiful photo with you” written all over them.

5. Hahei Beach House by McCoy + Heine Architects

Hahei Beach House by McCoy


Designed to accomodate three families, this large house sits directly on the beach and manages to showcase the scenery without compromising privacy.

A progression of indoor and outdoor spaces follow the sun throughout the day and offer shelter from the sea breeze in the afternoon