Top 5 Most Dangerous Countries For Women Travelers 2017 – Jamaica Falls #3


I’d say the same with Mexico, honestly,” says Pond. “There is certainly cause for concern but that doesn’t mean you should cancel all travel plans.”’s advice for how to stay safe:

  • Be on your guard. In the survey, some women noted that Egyptian men can be aggressive, especially in crowded markets. One user noted that her “female guide would not visit the markets…because the merchants would harass her mercilessly if (the tourists) didn’t stop at their stalls.”
  • It is key to respect local dress norms in Egypt and avoid attracting attention: Cover your shoulders and knees. Very loose clothing that covers your wrists, ankles — and even hair — is better.
  • Be aware that eye contact can be considered flirting. Some travelers find it helpful to wear sunglasses.
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  • Some women in the survey preferred to sign up for a private or small group tour, at least at the beginning of their trip. This can help you get oriented to the place and culture.
  • If you do use the metro, seek out women’s carriages.
  • Look for local information: Cairo 360 has great tips on going out, events and more in Cairo.
  • If you’re in Cairo, seek out good neighborhoods like Zamalek.
  • Consider an Uber in favor of a taxi.