Top 5 Towns In Montego Bay Where Everyone Is A Criminal


If you are someone who trusts everyone at anywhere, then you should probably be reading this to the end of the list.

The heading might be a little deceiving because what I actually want to talk about is; “5 Towns in Montego Bay where anyone could be a criminal”.

There are lots of towns in Montego Bay but not all of them has people that could be trusted.

JustĀ  like you are thinking; “not all of them are criminals” …. Yes…. It is very true. But how do you know which of them is not a criminal?

The only way to be safe is to be aware of the kind of people who could cross your path in the town you are living in.

Here are top 5 towns in Montego Bay where anyone could be a criminal.



1. Glendevon

I will start my list with Glendevon since this is not a ranking list.

Glendevon is one of the subs of Montego Bay where crime is a profession. You can see a whole lot of nice people walking on the streets but don’t trust them. I can say not all of them are criminals but trust me, you won’t know which one of them is not a criminal.

Glendevon is one of the places where even the policeman can’t get close to crime scenes.

Illegal firearms, drugs, petty thieves, robbery and murders are most of the common crimes you will hear in that area.

Just be careful whenever you are there.

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