Top 5 Towns In Montego Bay Where Everyone Is A Criminal


2. Salt Spring

I wish someone could change the name of this town and make it “Pepper Spring” or even ‘Hell spring’.

Most of the people living in this area of the country have degree in murder and petty crimes. They are not afraid of anything and they don’t respect anything.

Every now and then, you will hear of murders upon murders all in Salt Spring. There are really only few people in this area that has nothing to do with crime.

If you hear Salt Spring, there is no way you won’t hear the several murder cases it has recorded. Most of the people here poses arms so they think they are above the law.


They don’t respect anyone, they don’t respect the police, they don’t respect the innocent citizens and they don’t respect the law.

Anytime you see yourself in this area, you should be very careful and be ready for anything because anything can happen at anytime.

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