7 secrets about steven adams you don't know

Top 7 Amazing Secrets About Steven Adams You Don’t Know


2. Adams, a centre, is 2.13m (in shoes) and 116kg, with a wing span of 2.27m, and a standing reach of 2.8m. These stats suggest he is a touch bigger than average for his position. In a comparison of draft prospects in 2013, Adams had the biggest hand width of 27.5cm. He wears size 19 sneakers.

If those numbers don’t excite you, what about this? An ESPN basketball expert reckons Adams will command around $88m for four years when he re-signs with the Thunder or tests the market, putting him in the NBA’s top 30 earners. At the moment, he battles away on a restricted rookie wage less than $5m. Adams wants to financially improve the lives of his family in New Zealand.

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