Top 91 Highest Paying Jobs In Jamaica


Here is the list of 91 Highest paying jobs in Jamaica right now. Go through the list and see which of them will favor you the most.

What kind of job do you want? Do you know how much you will receive per month? The backbone of success is hard work and the kind of job you have really makes the difference.

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Let’s take a look at the jobs and how much they make. Starting with the Highest Paying Jobs in Jamaica first. Kindly note that all salaries are estimates based on data available through a survey. Actual salaries might be a bit more or less than the quoted amounts.

1. General Manager

Salary: JMD 637,000

Role: The General Manager (GM) is responsible for managing the financial affairs of the company. Both expenses and incomes are solely the manager’s responsibility.

Having a level of education in Business Administration, Operations Management, or Business Management will increase your chances greatly if you want a position as a General Manager in Jamaica. Another best way to become a GM is by running your own company.

2. Brand Manager

Salary: JMD 600,000

Role: The major responsibility of the brand manager is to market the brand. This individual must always make sure the brand’s integrity is always maintained across all company initiatives.

A diploma in Brand Management, Digital Marketing, or Public Relations is also highly recommended when seeking a job as a Brand Manager.

3. Telecommunication Engineer

Salary: JMD 600,000

Role: The role of a telecommunication engineer is to see to the day-to-day functioning of the Operating Systems of a Telecommunication Network Company.

Basically, this is a job for the Tech-savvy so you must have some degree in Computer Science, IT, Electrical Engineering, or any related field to take such a job.

4. Hotel Manager

Salary: JMD 575,000

Role: It is the manager’s sole responsibility to see to the day-to-day management of both the physical and financial activities of the hotel. It is very important for the manager to have a Degree in Hospitality or Hotel Management.

5. IT Manager

Salary: JMD 450,000

Role: The IT manager is supposed to be the one to research and determine which technologies will help the growth of the company. They must also be able to determine collect and analyze company data in any way possible.

This is another job for a Tech-savvy so the individual must have a degree in Information Technology Management or a related field. Project Management and Data analysis Degree will also come in handy for those pursuing this kind of profession.

6. Police Captain

Salary: 416,667

Role: The Police Captain responsible for commanding the Police force in an entire District or Precinct.

This is one of the highest paying Jobs in Jamaica that does not require any specific degree or educational background. You only have to be an experienced Police officer to be eligible for this position.

7. IT Security Manager

Salary: JMD 409,800

Role: IT security managers are responsible for the safety of the company’s data and protection against all digital threats. All company Information protection needs to rest on the shoulders of the IT Security Manager.

It is very important to know Ethical Hacking and Database Security when taking on this job. You must also have a degree in Computer Science or a related field as well.

8. Quality Control Manger

Salary: JMD 400,00

Role: Basically, the Quality Control Manager is in charge of the quality of the products that the company offers. This person is also supposed to make sure all the products meet both company and market standards.

The person in charge must have a degree in Industrial Production. Business Administration will also be a great addition to the one pursuing this career.

9. Regional Sales Manager

Salary: JMD 400,000

Role: Regional Sales Managers are responsible for managing the day-to-day running of a company’s branches in other Regions or Province. It also comes with studying the market data for each Region and adjusting sales strategy accordingly.

Regional Sales Managers must have some degree in Business Administration or related field. Knowing Data Analysis is also very vital for this position.

10. Planning Engineer

Salary: JMD 358,333

Role: It is the responsibility of the Planning Engineer to come up with economically promising constructions and engineering methods. It is also important for this person to plan all projects in favor of their institution and still keep the quality of the project.

Having a degree in Civil Engineering is key for this job. Knowledge in Construction Management, or Construction Science and fieldwork experience also count a lot.

11. Logistics Management

Salary: JMD 242,000

Role: It is the responsibility of this person to oversee the efficient delivery of goods. This person must also find and negotiate deals on behalf of the company.

A degree in Supply Chain Management is preferred for this job. System Engineering or Business Administration degree is also acceptable. Since you will be doing lots of negotiations, some kind of human relation experience is also very important.

12. Professor – Computer Science

Salary: JMD 266,667

Role: Professors in this field are responsible for lecturing students who are studying Computer Science or other related fields.

One must major and must also get a Master’s Degree in Computer Science to become a professor.

13. Head of School

Salary: JMD 250,000

Role: The head of school sees to the running of the school including planning and executing. This person must also govern the staff and see that everyone performs their duty diligently.

A Degree in Education is very important for this position. Having an experience as a teacher is also key here.

14. IT Business Intelligence Analyst

Salary: JMD 241,667

Role: This is another job for the Tech-savvy. This particular requires the employee to collect and analyze company data, approaching problems with an IT solution.

This position requires a degree or diploma in Database Management or related fields. Having a degree in Business Administration is also a big plus.

15. Legal Attorney

Salary: JMD 240,800

Role: Legal attornies are responsible for advising and representing a client in court. Usually, legal attornies are paid per gig but some are on payrolls.

A law degree is required for this profession.

16. Pharmacist

Salary: JMD 220,833

Pharmacists are trained professionals responsible for dispensing medicines at pharmacies. They mostly work in hospitals and earn as much. However, pharmacists working in private pharmacies might be making less than the above amount.

You must have a degree in Pharmacy to take on this job.

17. Business Analyst

Salary: JMD 216,667

This is one of the busiest of the highest paying jobs in Jamaica. The employee will be responsible for budgeting and forecasting. The same person will also be analyzing market data and reporting.

Having a degree in Business Administration is very important. Field experience is also very important for this position

18. Warehouse Manager

Salary: JMD 211,667

The employee is responsible for keeping records and tracking all products. Distribution and stock-taking are also part of the responsibilities.

It is important to have a degree in Supply Chain Management. Since moving products is a must, having a degree in Logistics or related fields is a plus.

19. Print Production Manager

Salary: JMD 200,000

The role here is to oversee the proper production of print materials per clients’ specifications. This same person also takes care of bidding and negotiations with clients.

A diploma or Degree in Graphic Design or Fine Arts is very relevant in this field. Having good interpersonal relationship skills is also very important.

20. Network Engineer

Salary: JMD 193,000

This is another tech-savvy job on the list of highest paying jobs in Jamaica. This employee is responsible for maintaining the company’s computer networks including mainframes and making sure users can access the files they need all the time. Protecting the Database against digital threats is also one of the major responsibilities here.

Since working with computers is required, having a degree in Network Administration is very important. The employee must also have some kind of ethical hacking knowledge.

21. Creative Director

Salary: JMD 180,000

This is one of the largest fields with different responsibilities depending on where the vacancy is. In companies, they are responsible for planning and brand designs. They are also responsible for innovative ideas and presentations.

Depending on which creative field is in question, the employee must have a degree in any of the creative-related fields. Having Public Relation skill is also important for this career.

22. Accountant

Salary: JMD 167,500

This person is responsible for auditing and analyzing company expenses and returns. The position also requires the employee to keep records of all transactions.

A degree in accounting is enough for this position.

23. Quantity Surveyors

Salary: JMD 166,667


This person is responsible for helping developments with advising clients on optimal use of funds for construction. It is also this person that will help clients to utilize resources to reduce cost.

BSc degree or diploma in surveying is key for this position.

Other Jobs

24. Web Developer
Salary: JMD 166,667

25. Business Development Manager
Salary: JMD 166,667

26. Physical Education Teacher
Salary: JMD 157,000

27. Customer Service Managers
Salary: JMD 156,000

28. Business Development Officer
Salary: JMD 146,000

29. Chief Executive Officer
Salary: JMD 137,000

30. Mechanical Engineering Manager
Salary: JMD 134, 150

31. Financial Controller
Salary: JMD 130,000

32. Help Desk Manager
Salary: JMD 130, 000

33. Purchasing Manager
Salary: JMD 125,000

34. Sales Representative
Salary: JMD 124,000

35. Marketing Manager
Salary: JMD 124,000

36. Junior Staff Accountant
Salary: JMD 122,500

37. Art Director
Salary: JMD 120,000

38. Art Supervisor
Salary: JMD 119,000

39. Customer Service Team Leader
Salary: JMD 105,000

40. Financial Accountant
Salary: JMD 105,000

41. Development Coordinator
Salary: JMD 101,000

42. Internal Auditor
Salary: JMD 100,000

43. Office Coordinator
Salary: JMD 100,000

44. Spa Manager
Salary: JMD 100,000

45. Logistics Coordinator
Salary: JMD 100,000

46. Call Center Team Leader
Salary: JMD 98,000

47. Marketing Officer
Salary: JMD 95,168

48. Direct Sales Representative
Salary: JMD 90,000

49. Laboratory Technician
Salary: JMD 89,500

50. Developer / Programmer
Salary: JMD 86,333

51. Chief Information Technology Office
Salary: JMD 85,000

52. Administrative Assistant
Salary: JMD 84,500

53. Security Officer
Salary: JMD 83,667

54. Operations Manager
Salary: JMD 80,000

55. Warehouse Supervisor
Salary: JMD 80,000

56. Project Manager
Salary: JMD 80,000

57. Senior Accountant
Salary: JMD 80,000

58. Purchasing Assistant
Salary: JMD 75, 000

59. Environmental Officer
Salary: JMD 74,000

60. Secretary
Salary: JMD 71,750

61. Nurse Midwife
Salary: JMD 71,333

62. Receptionist
Salary: JMD 68,250

63. CAD Drafter
Salary: JMD 64,400

64. Executive Assistant
Salary: JMD 64,000

65. Data Entry Supervisor
Salary: JMD 64,000

66. Accounting Clerk
Sarary: JMD 60,467

67. Warehouse Lead
Salary: JMD 60,000

68. Call Center Representative
Salary: JMD 60,000

69. Carpenter
Salary: JMD 60,000

70. System Administrator
Salary: JMD 56,800

71. Accounting Assistant
Salary: JMD 50,592

72. Color Technician
Salary: JMD 50,000

73. Quality Assurance Manager
Salary: JMD 50,000

74. IT Support
Salary: JMD 50,000

75. Brand Marketing
Salary: JMD 50,000

76. Host/hostess
Salary: JMD 50,000

78. Binder and Finisher
Salary: JMD 50,000

79. Accounts Receivable Clerk
Salary: JMD 47,600

80. Clerk
Salary: JMD 46,000

81. Marketing Assistant
Salary: JMD 46,000

82. Assistant Manager
Salary: JMD 45,000

83. Recruiter
Salary: JMD 45,000

84. Banking Clerk
Salary: JMD 45,000

85. Waiter
Salary: JMD 40,000

86. Graphic Designer
Salary: JMD 35,000

87. Customer Service Representative
Salary: JMD 28,000

88. Hair Stylist
Salary: JMD 28,000

89. Maintenance Electrician
Salary: JMD 27,200

90. retail cashier
Salary: JMD 26,000

91. Field Engineer
Salary: JMD 16,667

These are the highest paying jobs in Jamaica currently.