Top Richest People In Colombia And Their Net-worth 2017


3. Carlos Ardila Lulle – Estimated net-worth US $5.4 Billion

Carlos Ardila Lulle

Born on July 4, 1930, Carlos Ardila Lulle is a native of Bucaramanga, Colombia. He graduated from the National University of Colombia with a degree in civil engineering.

As the founder of Organization Ardila Lulle, Carlos Ardila Lulle began to create his soda pop corporation. This company runs top brands like Postoban and RCN TV.


4. Jaime Gilinski Bacal – estimated net-worth US $3.6 Billion

Jaime Gilinski Bacal


On December 14, 1957, Jamie Gilinski Bacal was born in Colombia. His father had been successful in business and owned the Yupi market and a plastic company known as Rimax.

Bacal went to the Georgia Institute of Technology to study engineering before he received his MBA from Harvard.

After his educational training, he returned to Colombia to work in his fathers business.


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