Top Richest People In Malaysia And Their Net-worth 2017


Money is one thing and being rich also another thing which involves money. Here is a compilation of the list of the top ten people in Malaysia and their net-worth.

1. Robert Kuok Hock Nien

Robert Kuok Hock Nien

He is a Malaysian business magnate and investor. The biggest part of his wealth comes from his stake in Wilmar International. He also gets money from palm oil, shipping and other investments.

According to Forbes, his net-worth was $12 billion as at July 2017.




2. Quek Leng Chan

Quek Leng Chan

He is Co-founder of Hong Leong Group Malaysia. He is a lawyer by profession and CEO of Hong Leong Company, Malaysia. His net-worth is $7.1 Billion as at 2017.


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3. Taparanandam Ananda Krishan

Taparanandam Ananda Krishan


He is a Malaysian businessman and philanthropist. His net-worth as at 2017 is $6.7 Billion and likes to keep it on a low key.


4.Lee Shin Cheng

Tan Sri Dato' Lee Shin Cheng

He is a business magnate, an investor and philanthropist. He heads the IOI Group as chairman in Malaysia. His net-worth is $4.7 Billion making him the fourth richest man in Malaysia.


5. Hong Piow Teh

Hong Piow Teh

He is a banker and his net-worth is 4.7 Billion as at 2017.


6. Lau Cho Kun

 Lau Cho Kun

Business Magnate and investor. His Hap Seng Consolidated shares pays him really well. His net-worth is $2.2 Billion as at 2017


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