Top Richest People In Singapore And Their Net-worth 2017


Money is one thing and being rich also another thing which involves money. Here is a compilation of the list of the top ten people in Singapore and their net-worth.

1. Robert And Philip Ng

Robert and Philip Ng

Robert and Philip Ng are brothers whose father Ng Teng Fong moved to Singapore in 1934 and made the name “King of Orchard Road”. They have groups in both Singapore and Hong Kong

Their net-worth is  $9.4 Billion as at 2017.


2. Eduarado Saverin

Eduarado Saverin


He is the cofounder of the world’s most popular social media ‘Facebook’.  His net-worth is $9.3Billion.


3. Goh Cheng Liang

Goh Cheng Liang

He gets bulk of his wealth from his 39% stake in Japan’s Nippon Paint holdings, the seventh largest paint manufacturers in the world.

His net-worth is $7.8 Billion as at 2017.


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