10 Unbelievable Facts You Never Knew About New Zealand

10 Unbelievable Facts You Never Know About New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the best countries on planet earth; No doubts. Some people love this country for the amazing hiking lands, some too for the beautiful and breath-taking beaches. The country is also famous for being the location for The Lord of the Rings,The hobbit and may other movies.

The country’s love for rugby is also another thing. The capital ‘Wellington’ is the world’s southernmost city. DespiteĀ  the fact that this country has a very low population, there are still a lot of amazing things to love especially if you are someone who loves exploring nature and it’s historic sites at large.

There are some amazing facts about this country that even some of the Citizens never knew and this list here contains just few of those facts. You wouldn’t know if you haven’t been told….. Right?


Safest Hiking Lands

Safest Hiking Lands
Safest Hiking Lands

Do you know New Zealand is one of the Countries with safest hiking lands?

You won’t have to worry about giant bears and poisonous snakes while on your backpacking tour trekking through the forests because the country hasn’t even got any.

The only poisonous animals to be afraid of should be spiders. Those ones hangout in the sandy areas and don’t bother humans at all so I think there is absolutely zero thing to worry about on your backpacking tour.

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