Watch These 8 Footage From The New Zealand Earthquake


Natural disasters are sometimes inevitable. Even though some are caused by human activities, some are just absolutely uncontrollable. The only thing one can do in times like this is to run for your own life.

On the 30th October, 2018, a magnitude-6.2 earthquake has shaken central New Zealand. It took place at a depth of 207km, and hit 25km south-west of Taumarunui.

Different areas of New Zealand including the Parliament were affected by earthquake. These are some of the footage I have found so far trending on both social media and other news websites.


New Zealand parliament during the Earthquake. Video credit; “”

‘We are experiencing a substantial earthquake’, the deputy speaker Anne Tolley can be heard saying before asking people to clear the gallery in New Zealand’s House of Representatives. A 6.2-magnitude quake was felt across much of New Zealand on Tuesday, forcing the suspension of parliament in Wellington. Parliament has since resumed and there have been no reports of injury or property damage

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