Xcel Energy: Everything You Must Know About The Company


Xcel Energy Inc. Is a utility holding company in the United States, Minnesota precisely.

The company is one of the major suppliers supplying over 3,7 million customers with Electricity and 2.1 million customers with Natural Gas.

The company has been active since 1909. Therefore it is one of the oldest in its line of business.

What Xcel Energy In. Does

The company is a public utility holding company supplying eight states with Regulated Electricity and Regulated Natural gas.

There are four utility subsidiaries serving customers in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, and Wisconsin.

The states Xcel Energy Serves

The subsidiaries serving the eight States include Public Service Company of Colorado – PSCo, NSP – Minnesota, Southwestern Public Service Co – SPS, and NSP – Wisconsin.

How To Start Service Online

The company supplies both Residential and Businesses. Since the company serves customers in specific states, you must be within those eight states to be able to access the service.

For new customers, it is very easy to start the application online.

  • Select whether you are applying for residential, business, or new construction service
  • Indicate whether you are a new customer, whether you are an existing customer applying for a new service, Landlord/Property Manager applying for a tenant, or Third Party applying on behalf of a customer.
xcel energy application form
  • Fill the rest of the form, check and submit

While my article is focusing much on the residential, most of the requirements on the business form could be different from the residential. Kindly check them properly when filling.

How To Transfer Service Online

Moving? You can easily transfer your service. Both business and residential customers can transfer their service.

Since the company supplies only eight states, it is very important to know if your new state is on the company’s map.

If your new state is on the map, Bravo!

  • Select whether you are transferring a residential or business service
  • Fill out your account number and complete the rest of the form
  • Confirm everything and submit. Your transfer process starts after submission.

Also note that to be able to transfer, you must be an existing customer.

How To Cancel Xcel Energy Service Online

Since you can start the service online, it is just right to know you can also cancel the service online.

  • Select whether you are cancelling Residential or Business service.
  • Enter your account number and fill the rest of the form
  • Confirm everything and submit to start the cancellation process.

If you have My Account username and password, you can log in to speed up the cancellation process.

Xcel Energy Installation Procedures

Electricity and gas are two of the most dangerous substances that can wreak havoc when not handled properly. It is, therefore, very important to know that your supplier will handle everything with your safety in mind.

The installation is done by professionals who put the safety of the customer in mind when doing their work.

The service request takes between four weeks to six-plus months to complete so it is important to request service early.

The installation procedure comes in Five simple steps.

  • Service request application
  • The design
  • Payment
  • Scheduling
  • Construction and Meter installation.

To speed up the process, you must do some key things.

  • You must make sure the site is ready. You can look the “site ready checklist” to prepare your site for installation.
  • Make sure you have filled all your paperwork and have receipts for your payments
  • Get inspected as well because before you can get your Meter installed, public authority must submit approved inspection to Xcel Energy.
  • Even though most of the procedures above are to help you speed up the work, you must also have in mind that weather condition can affect the process greatly.

To make sure your installation is successful, go through their installation guideline. It is in PDF so you can go through it any time.


Billing Cycle

The billing is a monthly billing cycle for both Electricity and Natural Gas.

The bills are packed with lots of information that you must read and understand properly so I have written on How to read your Xcel Energy Bills. Kindly check it out.

The billing cycle is designed with you the customer in mind so the cycle gives more control to the customer.

Custom Due Date

This allows you to choose a date when you want to pay your bill. It is certainly one of the best ways to manage your bills.

This particular option is to help customers align their due dates with their salaries.

Paperless Billing

Enrolling in paperless billing does not only speed your billing speed but also gives you other additional advantages that help control your bills.

You can pay directly from your checking account with a one-time or recurring option. Check all your payment history from your phone or online.

You also get to view and pay your bills within 24 hours which is way faster than using paper documents.


Contact Information

Xcel Energy has many phone numbers with each of them serving a specific purpose. If you want to call, make sure you can the right number that how you get easy assistance.

Phone Numbers

  • Electrical Outage


  • Gas Emergency


  • Residential Customer Service


  • Business Customer Service


  • Builder’s Call Line


  • Call Before You Dig


Mailing Addresses

General Correspondence
Xcel Energy
414 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Account-Related Requests or Questions
Xcel Energy
P.O. Box 8
Eau Claire, WI 54702-0008

Send Your Payment
Xcel Energy
P.O. Box 9477
Minneapolis, MN 55484-9477

You can also reach them on their email address inquire@xcelenergy.com