Xcel Energy HomeSmart Plans – Is It Worth It?


Xcel Energy HomeSmart is a simple service that takes care of all your appliances. The plan takes care of repairing, maintaining, or replacing your household appliance.

Does the plan take care of all your appliances?

Do you pay for repairs or replacements?

How does it work?

Stay with me and I will answer all your thoughts.

What Xcel Energy HomeSmart is

HomeSmart is an additional service that Xcel Energy offers to its customers. This service makes it possible for the customer and the company to undergo a contract where the company will fix or replace broken appliances covered in the contract.

The whole idea behind this service is to help the customers get peace of mind even if their appliances develop faults.

How It Works

The customer signs up for this service choosing one of two plans with each of which covers specific appliances.

During the active period of the agreement, when the appliances develop faults, the customer calls on the company.

The company is to fix or replace the appliances at little or no cost at all. There are Terms and Conditions governing the contract tho.

What Appliances Are Covered?

There are different appliances for repair coverage and different ones for replacement too. Depending on which plan you sign up for, you might also have a few appliances covered.

Repair Coverage

Kitchen and Laundry appliances including:

  • Range
  • Wall Oven
  • Cooktop
  • Dishwasher
  • Clothes Washer
  • Refrigerator
  • Freezer

Home Heating and Cooling appliances Including:

  • Furnance
  • Boiler
  • Central AC
  • Heat pump
  • Evaporative cooler
  • Gas fireplace
  • Standard water heater

These are the appliances that the service cover for repairs. But all will not be covered in one go. You will get to know why shortly.

Replacement Assistance Reimbursement Values

Since some of the appliances are way expensive, this part of the deal suggests that in case your appliance needs replacement, the company will pay a portion of the cost.

Below is how much money HomeSmart will contribute to the replacement of your appliance.

Kitchen and Laundry Appliances

  • Freezer – $350
  • Dishwasher – $450
  • Clothes Washer – $500
  • Clothes Dryer – $500
  • Cooktop – $550
  • Range – $550
  • Refrigerator – $750 (Refrigerators < 14 cubic feet capacity are ineligible for reimbursement)
  • Wall Oven – $800

Home Heating and Cooling Appliances

  • Evaporative Cooler – $400
  • Water Heater – $450
  • Furnance – $1,000
  • Central AC – $1,000
  • Heat Pump – $1,000
  • Gas Fireplace Insert – $1,000
  • Boiler – $1,800

This is how much Xcel Energy HomeSmart adds to your money if you should replace your appliance. But there is more to it so keep up and you will definitely understand the whole process.

Xcel Energy HomeStart Plans

There are two plans for the customers to choose what they are comfortable with.

The plans also help customers understand what HomeSmart will fix and what it won’t.

There are two plans available which are the Essential Plan and the Premium Plan.

Xcel Energy HomeSmart Essential Plan

The Essential Plan is the lowest plan when subscribing. The plan covers fewer appliances than the Premium plan. Below is what you get when you subscribe to the Essential Plan.

  • Subscription fee starts from $19.95 per month
  • This covers four major appliances for repair call
  • You can also add extra appliances at $4.95 per appliance, per month.
  • With this plan, Replacement Assistance is an addon at $12.95 per month.
  • It also covers one more appliance if you subscribe for the first 12 months.

Xcel Energy HomeSmart Premium Plan

This particular plan gives you more advantages than the Essential. But both plans are very flexible so you can always expand your service.

  • Subscription starts from $47.95 per month.
  • This covers eight major appliance for repair calls
  • You can also add extra appliances at $4.95 per appliance, per month
  • The plan includes replacement assistance.

Both plans give you flexible terms so you can always choose what you are more comfortable with.

How To Enroll

  • To enroll, you simply have to go to the HomeSmart page and start your signup process.
  • The first thing to do during registration is to check if HomeSmart is available in your locality using your Zip.
Xcel Energy HomeSmart Plans - Is It Worth It?
  • If you are already an existing Xcel Energy customer, then it will be faster to signup. If you are not, then you can easily indicate and move forward.
  • You also have to choose your plan on the second page.
Choose your Xcel Energy HomeSmart plan
  • Depending on which plan you choose, you can add more devices to your subscription. Up to eight devices for the Premium Plan and adding extra appliances at $4.95 per appliance.
Select appliances to add to your subscription
  • You can also add extra services including Plumbing System for $6.95, Sewer Stoppages for $6.95 and Surge Protection for $4.95.
Xcel Energy Homesmart plans
  • The next step is to fill the form with your personal information including your name and address. From there, you make payments and then you are done.

Since it is an online registration, expect few security checks for the safety of your account and money.

Repairs do not start as soon as you sign up. There is a 30 days wait period after which your appliances are eligible for repair.

What To Do If Your Appliance Develops A Fault

When your appliances develop a fault, you will have to go online to HomeSmart service request page and schedule a service. Most of the time, the online service request takes time.

For top priority services like heater not working in the winter or water heater leakages, do not request service online. Instead, call Xcel Energy HomeSmart Priority Service Contact number: 866-837-9762.

This is an active 24 hours per day contact number so you are assured of getting your problems resolved in time.


In short, I will say the HomeSmart service is worth it. It could cost more than the subscription fee to repair the same appliances elsewhere. You don’t even get any replacement insurance from anywhere.

Even though this service gives you the flexibility you need, you must also put your comfort first all the time so always choose what you are comfortable with.

Don’t forget to also use the Xcel Energy HomeSmart Priority Service Contact number: 866-837-9762 in case of serious faults.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can always leave a comment below.


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