Xcel Energy Power Outage – What To Do In case It Happens


Power outage is one of the nightmares nobody wants to experience. If you are an Xcel Energy Inc. customer, then these are the things You should know about Power Outages.

There are so many reasons why a neighborhood or building will experience an outage. It could be an electric fault, broken circuit, lightning, storm, etc.

No matter the cause of the outage, there are things you must do to speed up the restoration and keep yourself safe.

While these guidelines are written with Xcel Energy customers in mind, most of the guidelines apply to all other energy companies.

What to do During Power Outage

Turn Everything Off

The first thing you should hold in mind immediately you experience a power outage is to turn off everything. Turn off all your sockets and lights.

If you have direct sockets that can’t be turned off by buttons, make sure you turn off all the gadgets plugged in. You can also unplug the gadgets to be on the safer side.

Report Power Outage

The next thing you should do after making sure everything is off is to report. Your utility company is the best to answer for outages.

First, before you start making your report, you have to check and confirm if it is the whole neighborhood. Sometimes it could be just your building and you must indicate that in your reports.

For Xcel Energy customers, it is very simple. You can just go through the below procedures.

  • Go online and report your outage
  • Text “OUT” to 98936
  • Call 800-895-1999 to report your outage
  • You can also report through the mobile app

Check For Mast Damage

In most cases where there is an outage after a storm, the problem most of the time comes from the storm. One of the things a storm can easily damage to cause an outage is the Mast.

This pipe-like rod is the center of your service connection. That is where you will find the connection between your house and Xcel Energy Inc. Take a look at the images below to know exactly how it looks like.


Sometimes it is on the roof of your house, other times it is on the side of your wall. No matter where it is, it can easily break during a storm.

If it is broken, then you have to call an electrician to fix it before Xcel Energy can reconnect your power. According to them, it is the customer’s property so it is the customer’s responsibility to fix it.

Food Safety

Since you won’t know how long the power outage could last, it is very necessary to keep your food safe as long as possible. This includes keeping for Freezer door shut for as long as can.

If the freezer is locked airtight all the time, the food items can stay frozen for longer hours. To avoid eating contaminated food after the outage, make sure you can avoid opening your freezer if you don’t have to.


Since power outage will affect life negatively, it is very important to restore power as quick as possible.

Depending on how fast you report the outage or how minimal the damage is, the restoration process can be really fast.

Most of the time, after storm power outages take time to restore. That is because most of the damages resulting from a storm always spread across a wider area.

Xcel Energy is always on the look out 24/7 and will resolve any issues as quick as possible. Try and report the issues early because the earlier they know, the fast they will react.

Power Outage Alerts

At Xcel Energy, there is an alert system that you can sign up for. This system will always notify you about outages and Estimated Restoration Times.

You will also get notifications if the power has been restored. You can also follow on social media to check what is happening with the power especially after storms.

Using the mobile app is also another way to get your notifications. Track outages with the Outage Map. This will let you know if you will have issues or not.


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